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Camp I Can for 6th, 7th + 8th Grade Girls

Middle school girls experience an increase in intensity of emotions. Camp I Can provides a safe, open and validating space to learn more about why we feel the way we do and to use our emotions as information.

Where we turn "I Can't" into "I Can"!


Experience Camp I Can for Girls

Camp I Can utilizes Sanford Harmony as its foundation for Social and Emotional learning. Counselors will be creating age appropriate games and activities for each grade level all following the same overall topics.

Monday - Mindfulness
Mindful breathing, calming strategies like coloring and self-soothing skills will help us become mindful of our emotions.

Tuesday - Empathy and Kindness

Team building games, learning about empathy, and practicing kindness towards ourselves and others.

Wednesday - Conflict Resolution

Learning how to resolve conflicts with peers and how to interact with others, we will work on modeling how to actively listen, effectively communicate with others and verbalize our feelings.

Thursday - Empowerment

All about empowering ourselves and others, we will engage in self-confidence building activities such as practicing positive self-talk, exploring our strengths and gifts and turning our can’ts into I cans!  

About Camp I Can for Girls

Camp I Can for Girls offers a social-emotional learning (SEL) experience for girls grades 1st through 8th. Camp I Can is staffed by experienced Mental Health Therapists, and offers the opportunity for girls to grow their social skills, emotional management, kindness and friendship, self-awareness and conflict resolution. With a social-emotional learning platform, Camp I Can will integrate SEL activities and lessons, team-building experiences, fun games, and more!

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